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Online Reverse Hash Lookup

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Examples #

Try a few example inputs:
  • [TRY] MD5 hash '21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3'
  • [TRY] SHA1 hashes: '5df3358b514975af57626868697cd672df88de3b', '0cae59d777b5a29a0aec9cf1817861929b5cb5e0'

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Description #

Online Reverse Hash Lookup tries to reveal the original plaintext messages from specified hash values of several cryptographic hash functions.

Online Reverse Hash Lookup works with several online databases containing millions of hash values as well as engines using rainbow tables that can retrieve the plaintext messages in more sophisticated way.

Cryptographic hash functions are commonly used to store passwords in online systems. In case the password database was stolen by a malicious attacker and the passwords were stored in the raw format without further processing, the attacker would know all passwords immediately. However, when a cryptographic hash functions is used to transform a password into a hash value, which is then stored in the database instead of the password itself, the passwords may remain unknown even if the database is stolen because it is considered difficult to retrieve the plaintext from a hash value of cryptographic hash function. Yet still, the authentication process of users of the system with the hashed passwords is as easy as the one with passwords stored in the raw format.

Cryptographic hash functions are also used for data integrity verification, fingerprinting, and various other purposes, usually related to computer security and cryptography.

Usage #

Use the Hash function field to select a type of hash value you want to crack. In the Hash values textarea, write each input hash value on a separate line. Then click the "Reverse!" button to start Online Reverse Hash Lookup.

Limits #

You can enter up to 5 hash values at once into the Hash values field.